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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween!! This was my Halloween costume (well, clothed, but you get the point) My hair was sticking straight up in the air thanks to a whole bottle of hairspray and was bright green...thank goodness it came out!! I think I may have single-handedly contributed to global warming with all that aerosol - oops.

I actually didn't go out for Halloween tonite, but dressed up and went out and about Fri and Sat which may explain why I pressed the snooze button about 4 times this morning. I had a tight schedule since I was getting a ride to work, and convinced myself that I needed only 8 minutes to get ready (eight?!?! bye-bye, shower). Hope the ponytail and headband look wasn't a dead give-away. That voice in my head is just so damn convincing sometimes.

So, according to HBS's last cryptic message, tomorrow is when the invitation invites begin...YIKES! Not going to lie, I have checked my email a few times tonight just in case they decided to jump the gun. <-- just re-read...that is kinda sick, huh? :)


Blogger Iday said...

Interesting Halloween costume :P

BTW - What's this "HBS's last cryptic message". I dont remember getting any mail (that's what i assume the "message" means) from them?

What exactly did it say? If it is openly discussable, can u let me know?

We are already into the "business-weeks" of Wharton and Chicago. Adding HBS to it is like overkill :(

3:31 AM  
Blogger MBA babe said...

hmmm - can't find the email but something along the lines of 'interview invitations will start in the beginning of november and will come out until d-day. the timing does not reflect the strength of your candidacy'

apparently they offer a lot of their interviews by region though. welcome to my new obsession with business week forums :)

11:34 PM  
Blogger Silent Warrior said...

"the timing does not reflect the strength of your candidacy'"

what does it mean???

11:41 PM  
Blogger MBA babe said...

Sorry, i was completely paraphrasing. Here's what the update said:

"As we review applications, we will start inviting candidates to interview. We expect the first interview invitations to be sent out in early November. We will continue to offer interview invitations up until the Round 1 decision notification date. Please note that the timing of your interview invitation does not imply anything about the status of your application nor does it impact your candidacy."

12:27 AM  
Blogger asiangal said...

It's funny how all the schools put that disclaimer that the order of interviews doesn't matter ... but we all obsess over the timing anyway. Best of luck! =)

5:56 AM  
Blogger MBA babe said...

@silent warrior - this whole thing is a black hole to me!! guess i will just keep refreshing my email obsessively!

@asiangal - thanks! same to you! and i totally agree...definitely looking for patterns in something that may just be totally random.

3:09 PM  
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