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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Feeling retrospective...

...or perhaps just procrastinating from what is sure to be a long night of essay writing!

If only I had known how much work these applications were going to take, I think I would have approached things a bit differently. Luckily, I have a few more applications to go about things the right way. Some things I wished I had realized along the way:

1) It takes longer than you think! Sure, in college, I could whip out a 10 page paper - in Spanish nonetheless! - over the course of 24 hours. (thank you, red bull and diet dr pepper). However, to really weave all of your essays together and paint a cohesive picture, you need to do something called a rough draft. and draft 2. and 3. and 10. Yeah, that takes time.

2) If you are applying to 3 schools that have the same R1 deadline, you best be finishing your first one at least a month before it's due. (refer to point #1) I did not do that.

3) Choose your proofreaders carefully. I consider myself pretty apt when it comes to grammar, so I picked my readers and gave them specific things to look for. ie - natural leadership, real voice, themes. 2 of them came back with grammar changes. Only 1 came back with content.

4) Don't forget about the data portion of the application! Filling this in last-minute will surely be obvious to the reader.

5) Have a goodbye party. You will not be seeing your friends for awhile. (what? that sounded bitter? no...)

And before I go edit my awful kellogg's essays - one bright spot of the day: did you know on you can watch the shows you missed?? Grey's anatomy will not be lost to me forever... :)


Blogger Hobbes said...

U loooove Grey's Anatomy, dontcha? :p

As for proof reader, very very imp to request ONLY those who can help u polish the content, atleast the first 1/2 rounds. Leave the ones who proofread for grammer and style for the end. Or if u r good enuf, chuck it altogether.

This was one of the most critical mistakes I made last yr - Both my reviewers exclusively gave me feedback on grammer than content. A mistake that I am rectifying this yr.

And yes, u will go into a hibernation... Its sad, but true. I was at an office do last night. I am not kidding when I say this, but even when on the dance floor, I was constantly thinking abt the essays, transcripts, will my recommender submit it on time blah blah blah. Couldnt shake my legs for more than a couple of mins before my mind wandered off. Finally left it after 1.5 hrs, no point in torturing myself with the worry. Came back n cursed myself for becoming a moron like this, but was able to finish the work I'd planned to :(

11:18 PM  
Blogger Hobbes said...

BTW,when I wrote chuck it altogether, I meant only if ur reviewers checked out that aspect as well. Gramatical errors in an essay are a strict no no.

11:19 PM  
Blogger MBA babe said...

thanks for the feedback, hobbes - definitely appreciate it! (and yes, i have an unnatural obsession w/ grey's!) ;) totally agree on the proofreaders - i don't care if someone tells me my essays suck! i just want the honest truth so i can rectify the situation...

12:30 AM  
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