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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ode to my essay reader

Essay readers: to love them or to hate them - that is the question (of the day).

So, I have been feeling pretty darn good about my Kellogg essays. I like that they are creative, light-hearted, and informative. And so did my two readers (and my mom, who i guess doesn't really count as an editor b/c "i love you, honey - these are just great" is just not constructive feedback) :)

Anyway, i was talking online to a close friend who insisted he was totally bored at work and wanted to read my essays. "The more, the merrier," i foolishly thought to myself. (I'm sure you can guess where this one is going.) He didn't like the theme in essay #1 and especially thought i wasted my "i wish the admissions committee had asked me..." on something trivial. (it talks about why my GPA dipped in my senior year.)

Him: "Is this really the last thing you want them to read about you???"
Me: "yes, definitely... well, i think so.... hmmm - i guess it is kinda negative.... OMG - i was going to turn that in?!?!?!"

ARGHHH! The 48 hour deadline until I'm submitting Kellogg has started to feel a little shorter...yikes! But, a big thank you to my essay reader who, though i may have hated him just *a little* today, will be my favorite person if i get accepted :) hee hee

(oh, and yes, this blog counts as total and utter procrastination from the inevitable re-write)


Blogger Hobbes said...

ha ha, better he than adcom! :)

12:39 AM  
Blogger Iday said...

You write really well.
Now i can imagine what u mean when u say ur essays are creative and light-hearted :)

And no! when it comes to essay readers, more is not merrier. The bottom line is that u shud take review comments with a pinch of salt coz these are your essays and the reader, after all, is not you :)

Make the changes that sound good, but make sure the essays still project who you are, in a way u wanted to.

1:56 AM  
Blogger MBA babe said...

haha - definitely better than adcom!
and thanks, iday! :) And i definitely have learned my lesson - keep readers down to a minimum. hopefully submitting kellogg today!

9:52 AM  
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